Will root essentials rub off on my pillow case?
No. root essentials colour contains natural minerals with pigments that adhere to unpigmented gray hair…so it won’t rub off once applied to roots.
What’s in root essentials? Is it harmful to my hair or the environment?
No. root essentials contains all natural minerals infused with vitamin e, iron, b12, and essential oils to restore health and colour to your roots.
Will root essentials come off in the rain or pool? Will it sweat off?
No. It’s clay-like texture makes it adhesive, so it bonds to the hair naturally. 
root essentials is only soluble in oil and water (e.g. shampoo, soap, or root essentials serums and sprays).
How often should I apply it?
As often as you like. The more you use it the better it is for the health of your hair. Remember, root essentials contains all natural ingredients that your hair LOVES!
Can I use it for more body and bounce when I don’t have visible roots?
Absolutely. Simply lift hair and cover under the visible, parted hair, then massage in an upward motion to shape and hold the hair.
Is it permanent?
Semi-permanent. It is a hair colour so you should exercise caution when first applying it to avoid messes.
If I do spill, how can I clean it up?
Easy. Soap and water does the trick.
Can I comb or brush my hair after application?
Absolutely. Combing and brushing is great for your hair because it distributes the vitamins and spf protection for fortification and added strength.
How often should I wash my hair?
It depends on your hair type. Not all hair types need to be washed everyday. Some scalps barely produce any oil, so if you have dry hair, you can actually benefit from skipping a wash or two to give your hair a chance to get the nourishment it needs. Oily scalps may need daily washing.

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