Tips & Secrets For Amazing Hair

Colour Matching

Apply with brush at the end of the gray strand. You can quickly compare colour and determine if thick or thin coverage is needed. If the colour appears too light, apply a second time. Or you can apply a combo color sparingly throughout the roots.

Highlights & Lowlights

Apply first coat to the roots. Next, use the combo color and thin brush. Dip the applicator into the the root essentials colour. Pull a few strands of hair away from the others. Now, starting at the root close to the scalp, brush the hair with the highlighting colour all the way to the end or until the colour matches your highlights. You may even want to frame a few hairs in from of your face.

More Body

root essentials is packed with vitamins and minerals that help hold your hairstyle and give your hair more body. Once your hair is styled and you’ve covered your gray, massage your hair. Push up where you desire a lift…or comb down where you prefer a slicker, straighter look. Apply your usual styling products as you normally would. root essentials works great together with your favorite hair care products.

Long Gray Roots

Before going to bed, comb colour throughout your hair. Run a comb through your hair every ½ inch, making a straight line from front to back. When you wake up in the morning, simply touch up any missed areas

Thinning Hair & Bald Spots

Apply colour using the large applicator brush on thinning hair and bald spots. At the scalp, brush in a circular motion over the thin or bald area, blending into the hair line. This will give you a wonderful ‘thick hair’ appearance.

How to:

Just brush the product on your gray roots, or if you desire add some temporary high lights or low lights; now leave it. Go to work, swim, work out, and look great all while using your root essentials. Unlike other root rejuvenation products, it is dry and doesn’t require processing, washing nor blow drying to look nice; the longer you leave it on the healthier your hair.

Never before was managing your mane so easy and affordable! With your root essentials you will have all needed for your roots, highlights, or mixing both for a more flawless finish. Root essentials will add body to your thinning bob that often comes from aging hair loss.

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