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I love Root Essentials! I have highlighted hair, and I have some gray mixed with some brown roots.  I have tried at least 5 other products to conceal the gray roots. I have tried spray products other powder products, and also products that come with a wand like mascara.  Not one of the other products gave satisfactory results. I would recommend root essentials (and I have) to anyone who wants to cover roots and lengthen the time between hair colorings.  The results were amazing!

Benda Klein  West Orange NJ

“Root Essentials is brilliant.  I have tried endless products that claim to cover up grey re-growth for in-between colouring, and they are simply useless.  There’s even a semi permanent colour designed for roots by Nice and Easy and have tried several times in the past but just doesn’t cover.  I can now go a full month between root colouring which is a first for me-used to have to dye roots every 2 weeks as I’m so dark and grey so white! Thank you!”

Sarah Elliott, UK

Thanks so much for the most perfect brown…such fab customer service and a product that works wonders.

Lisa Picardi

A big thank you for creating this wonderful product. I received it on my birthday and I used it right away – great coverage and it does indeed last until the next wash, with maybe just a little touch up necessary. Thanks again!

Amanda Blake, UK

I recently had a mishap when I tried a new hair color. My roots were a fluorescent copper color. I tried washed a few time and it still didn’t tame down that root color. So, I used my brown root essentials on the roots until the color washed out. Viola– no more scary orange roots!

 Cindy Henderson, Baltimore MD

Root Essentials is a wonderful choice. My gray comes out so quickly between coloring that I use it all the time.

Sharon Lee Costin Green, Linthicum MD

I tried your hair coloring and I love it!

Mary Lee Jenkins, MD

I am very happy with Root Essentials.  I am now hosting home shows for “beautiful looks” showcasing root essentials. I had 12 ladies resulting in sales of 12 boxes. Thanks so much.

Suann Yi, Anaheim CA

I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the coloring product. I have dark brown hair with lots of gray hairs. I purchased the brown color and it blends nicely with my original hair color. I do not need to mix the black. Also I have fine hair and it is better for me not to wash my hair too often. When I put your product in my hair, it lasts an entire week without needing touchups.  I was forever looking for a natural product that would work so well.  Keep up the good work!

Theresa Cafiero


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